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Rsearch Notes
Published: 2022-11-30

Fabricating Global Chronology Of Food & the Recreation in Globalization

Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management, Nepal
Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management, Nepal
Globalization Chronology of food Intellectual limitations Global history exploitation


The history of food is a fascinating story, and it is talked about all over the world. Although they are growing up together, their union is exploding. They come together very easily because each one produces connecting tents that reduce a lot of common connections. As mindboggling themes, however, food and global history come from conflicting sources of exploitation and are disseminated to different aspects of humanity - for different purposes, methods, and racism. Methodology: Significantly, these intricate, scientific, and profound topics of globalization have become the charm of today's intellectual world and are regularly featured in financial predictions, political statements, and social science analysis. Our research is based on books, online journal support, brief reading and analysing of various documents and research papers and of course the verbal discussion with many historians and food anthropologists who helped us to formularise a theory.

Keywords: Globalization, Chronology of food, Intellectual limitations, Global history exploitation


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