OTS Webinars:  After the Virus

We are planning a weekly series of webinars to discuss tourism in a post COVID-19 world. The series will consider such questions as,
Consider how tourism can be rebuilt post COVID-19? Consider how a new paradigm in tourism can be developed to provide a sustainable future? Review the impacts of COVID-19 on different sectors, e.g. hotels, 2030 SDGs, destination management, marketing of a country (e..g. will people travel to countries where they are uncertain of covid-19?) flying and health (e.g. between countries)  
The idea is to start a discussion on these important and challenging issues that the tourism industry now faces.

What time are the weekly webinars?
Unless otherwise stated, webinars are every Friday at @ 11am BST time.  The time may change depending on where our speakers live in the world.