The Journal On-Tourism & Sustainability (JOTS) is dedicated to supporting the rapidly expanding area of tourism development research. Our primary focus is to advance critical thinking on tourism as a catalyst for sustainable development.  It is a peer-reviewed journal aiming to publish original research from a multidisciplinary perspective. The Journal is published by OTS Academy based in Oxford, UK and published biannually (November – December / May – June). We welcome theoretical, conceptual and empirical research that explores the relationship between tourism and development.

We publish papers that consider any aspect of the above topics.  Contributions may deal with one or more of the economic, social, cultural, political, organisational and environmental themes in tourism. A key feature of this new journal will be the publication of special issues. Publishing for the first time: We encourage emerging scholars who are publishing for the first time to send us their manuscripts.

The subject matter of the journal includes:

  • Development and policy
  • Eco-tourism as a force for development
  • Small & medium enterprises
  • Tourism dependency
  • Destination marketing and tourism demand
  • Tourism strategies
  • Rural tourism-homestays & cultural experiences
  • Impacts
  • Voluntourism & travel philanthropy
  • Mountain tourism
  • Physiological preparation of mountaineers
  • Events and festivals
  • Methodologies
  • Sustainable Niche Tourism
  • Wellness Tourism
  • Religious / Spiritual Tourism
  • Environmentalism
  • Conservationism
  • Dark Tourism
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