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The name Academy can be traced back to Plato’s philosophy that any place even a ‘grove’ can be a place of learning. Today student learning has been expanded and delivered in a variety of ways including on-line learning. We are an independent place of learning, research, and publishing and events. Membership is open to all those with an interest in the tourism sector.

Our Next Conference

The 12th International Conference on ‘Sustainable Tourism & Development: Risks and Opportunities In Uncertain Times aims to provide a forum for academics, emerging researchers, policy-makers, industry practitioners, marketing professionals, and destination managers to discuss the latest issues and suggest solutions and strategies in the planning, development, marketing and management of sustainable tourism.   

Our Journal #JOTS

JOTS is dedicated to supporting the rapidly expanding area of tourism development research. Our primary focus is to advance critical thinking on tourism as a catalyst for sustainable development.

Weekly Webinar

Our goal is to connect international speakers with students from our local partners by organising weekly webinars on our video conference server. We believe that such lectures offer students an opportunity to be exposed to a diverse range of ideas and knowledge that can be shared.