OTS Academy aims to provide colleges and universities with online services that cover administrative tasks and facilitate both online and in-person learning. The services are intended to help local institutions level up and become centres of excellence. The format of the services includes a fully branded website, learning management system and mobile app tailored to the institution’s needs. The website and app will allow students and staff to create profiles, upload documents, and communicate with each other. Additionally, students will be able to access their exam and class marks and upload their coursework, which teachers can grade.



Allow to students to join from any where in the world. We provide an easy and user-friendly platform for prospective students to learn about the institution and its programs. This can include information such as course descriptions, admission requirements, application deadlines, tuition and fees, and scholarship opportunities.


The tailor-made website/app will have a record for every student and staff member, eliminating the need for paper records and enabling the use of digital photos for their profiles.


The partner institutions will have access to their own online calendar and a college timetable can be produced with room numbers, times, teachers, topics, and classes can be both physical and online; users will have a personalized calendar.


Our service allows for efficient course management by uploading course materials online, digitizing courses, and offering online and in-person learning opportunities, as well as the ability to record and store courses for later playback.


The tailor-made website/app will provide services for colleges, including the ability to produce invoices and record payments, access online financial accounting, and display college policies.


Access our network. OTS Academy can offer students access to a wide network of academics and institutions worldwide, providing opportunities for guest lectures, webinars, training sessions, and guest speakers such as CEOs of major businesses to enhance their learning and expand their horizons.


We aim to provide students with information on studying abroad, including admission, visa regulations, costs, and language requirements, and invites speakers from international institutions to give talks and answer questions on joining their college, with the goal of encouraging students to study abroad after finishing their studies with the institution.


OTS Academy's service plan includes support in establishing and hosting your academic journal and implementing double-blind peer review practices to foster research, which is a core value of the institution.


College partners using the services plan will have free access to online conferences and heavily subsidised rates for in-person conferences for their staff and students, with their delegates (by agreement) having their fee waived entirely, providing a platform for global connections.


OTS Academy offers short online courses as a complement to existing courses, taught by international academics and some with accreditation from international institutions, with a 50% discount on the course fee for partners using the services plan.

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