About Us

The word ‘Academy’ can be traced back can be traced back to Plato’s philosophy that any place even a ‘grove’ can be a place of learning.

Today student learning has been expanded and delivered in a variety of ways including on-line learning. Firstly, the OTS Academy aims at providing unprecedented freedom ‘a platform’ where learning and study can take place at anytime from anywhere in the world. OTS means freedom to learn and study the importance of sustainability, development, and global conditions affecting tourism with internationally renowned academics. Secondly, OTS is dedicated to supporting tourism development research and advancing critical thinking. In so doing it serves as a forum to present and publish academic work. Academic publishing is encouraged for all including learners and novice researchers. Support for publishing is served by the editorial board of its international journal On Tourism & Sustainability. Thirdly, closely related to publishing is the practice of bringing together well-respected academics, researchers, and students to give talks about tourism, and sustainability at conferences and other events. Such international events have taken place over several years in Asia and Europe. This year’s annual international conference on Sustainable Tourism: Culture and Sports is taking place online on 18-20 May. It provides academic opportunity to present and discuss issues concerning the sector. It allows a wider audience to be exposed to ideas open to discussion and debate in a respectful manner..