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    • Tourism mobilities, tourist performances: Editors-in-chief’s notes

      by Chin-Ee Ong on September 12, 2023

      Tourist Studies, Volume 23, Issue 3, Page 177-180, September 2023. <br/>

    • Serious leisure imaginaries: The construction of tourists, locals and localities in scuba diving tourism

      by Hans Tunestad on August 11, 2023

      Tourist Studies, Volume 23, Issue 3, Page 247-265, September 2023. <br/>Scuba diving is a global leisure activity today often undertaken as a form of tourism, counting millions of practitioners. Drawing on my experience of diving in different parts of the world, as well as on various forms of documentation, this article focuses on the structural characteristics of this form of purposeful tourism. As a sport, scuba diving follows certain routines and regulations and can thus be seen as a […]

    • ‘I had more time to listen to my inner voice’: Zen meditation tourism for Generation Z

      by Jiayu Wu on August 4, 2023

      Tourist Studies, Ahead of Print. <br/>With much academic attention to experiential learning in on-site tourism experiences, the benefits of Zen meditation tourism on Generation Z after their re-entry into daily secular life remains largely unexplored. Drawing on experiential learning theory, this study explores the benefits experienced by participants after Zen meditation tourism in three stages including reflection, learning results, and active experimentation. Employing […]

    • Tourism routes through a mobile lens: The case of China’s Chamagudao

      by Alexandra Witte on August 3, 2023

      Tourist Studies, Volume 23, Issue 3, Page 181-207, September 2023. <br/>This article examines how various stakeholders’ practices on the ground mobilise and immobilise the Chamagudao’s heritage as a historic trade and caravan route. The research is based on ethnographic fieldwork in Yunnan, China, following movements of tourists, guides, residents and information on the remaining trails of the Chamagudao. It outlines how nodes, constructed by state actors and touristic media, rather […]

    • Curating the music city: The accommodation sector in Glasgow’s music tourism ecology

      by Matthew Ord on June 14, 2023

      Tourist Studies, Volume 23, Issue 3, Page 227-246, September 2023. <br/>Since becoming a UNESCO ‘City of Music’ in 2008, Glasgow has sought to develop the tourism potential of its music scene. As potential beneficiaries, accommodation providers have facilitated the development of music tourism initiatives within the city, strategically positioning themselves as ambassadors for the city’s music. This article considers how three Glasgow hotels ‘curate’ the musical life of the […]

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