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    • Choice Overload in Tourism: Moderating Roles of Hypothetical and Social Distance

      by Sangwon Park on September 14, 2023

      Journal of Travel Research, Ahead of Print. <br/>The evolution of information and communication technology has enabled travelers to access abundant information and a wide range of available products/services that may satisfy their needs or wants. However, this phenomenon also poses a challenge to travelers who have to choose from an overwhelming collection of travel products. This situation, known as the paradox of choice, may have negative outcomes. This research tested the mechanism of […]

    • Benign (Malicious) Envy and Conspicuous Travel Consumption Intention: Mediating Effects of Self-Enhancement and Self-Control

      by Yuxin Ding on September 14, 2023

      Journal of Travel Research, Ahead of Print. <br/>Although tourism researchers have begun to explore the behavioral effects of envy, there has been limited empirical research on the effects of benign and malicious envies on conspicuous consumption intention in tourism. Based on the integration of cognitive appraisal theory, compensation theory, and self-control resource theory, using two scenario-based questionnaires, this paper applies structural relational and mediation analyses to […]

    • Interrogating Racialized “Cultural Authenticity” Discourses Among Language-Learner Tourists in Australia

      by Phiona Stanley on September 12, 2023

      Journal of Travel Research, Ahead of Print. <br/>This study considers cultural adaptation through tourism, focusing on language-travelers: hybrid education-tourism consumers whose voices remain relatively silent in tourism studies. Qualitative, semi-structured interviews were undertaken with students, teachers, and managers in Australian English language schools to understand what language-travelers expect from their Australian experiences and the implications for language schools. The […]

    • Concept and Evidence of Tourist Risk Gaze

      by Chaowu Xie on September 12, 2023

      Journal of Travel Research, Ahead of Print. <br/>Gaze describes the experiential way that tourists perceive destinations during trips. Destination-related risks are inevitable in tourism; however, little attention has been given to the tourist gaze based on travel risk. Our research addresses this disparity by proposing and exploring the concept of tourist risk gaze. In Study 1, findings suggest that this type of gaze involves three interrelated aspects: risk information gaze, risky […]

    • Online Platform Use and Performance Among Listed Tourism Companies in China

      by Jiaxin Tian on September 11, 2023

      Journal of Travel Research, Ahead of Print. <br/>This paper applies information dissemination theory, consumer information behavior theory, signaling theory, and value co-creation theory to investigate the effects of companies’ online platform operations from a tourism company perspective. We gathered data from 51 listed tourism companies in China between 1992 and 2022 to test these impacts. Results showed that using online platforms could improve listed tourism companies’ […]

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