• International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

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    • Impact of socioeconomic prosperity and race on crowdfunding success

      by Yoon Koh on September 26, 2023

      Prior research treated entrepreneurs’ actions as purely opportunistic and voluntary, excluding social and economic systems’ influence on entrepreneurial actions. However, the applications of communication strategies, project management and social network are anchored in socioeconomic systems in which the entrepreneurs are rooted. To address the gap, this study aims to articulate – through the prism of institutional theory – how restaurant crowdfunding (CF) success is affected by […]

    • Privacy in hospitality: managing biometric and biographic data with immersive technology

      by Gajendra Liyanaarachchi on September 26, 2023

      This study aims to investigate the implications, risks and challenges of data privacy due to the use of immersive technology in the hospitality industry. The authors adopt a mixed-method approach. Study 1 is a focus group. The authors then provide external and ecological validity with a field experiment conducted with 139 hotel clients at a three-star continental European hotel. Collecting biometric data results in unbalanced privacy compared to biographic data, as it diminishes individuals’ […]

    • Decent work in tourism and hospitality – a systematic literature review, classification, and research recommendations

      by Danni Wang on September 26, 2023

      This study aims to present the evolution of decent work studies. Findings point to several directions for future research efforts, including conceptualizing decent work and the pandemic’s associated impact. Results will help to guide government authorities to promote decent work by delivering fair income, increasing the stability and security of employment and monitoring employees’ work-life balance. This review consists of knowledge mapping based on keywords from multidisciplinary studies […]

    • A 30-year journey of hospitality and tourism research: a comprehensive topic modeling analysis

      by Senol Kurt on September 26, 2023

      The purpose of this study is to provide an overview of the research conducted on hospitality and tourism articles published in Q1 category journals from 1990 to 2023. This study also aims to measure the topic prevalence in selected journals throughout the years, their change over time and similarities of journals. Latent dirichlet allocation algorithm is used as a topic modeling method to identify and analyze topics in hospitality and tourism research over the past 30 years. The results of […]

    • Exploring the effect of perceived fun at work on hospitality employees’ behaviors in and out of work

      by Moustafa Abdelmotaleb on September 25, 2023

      The purpose of this study is to draw on positive psychology literature and the affective spillover theory to gain a comprehensive understanding of the effects of perceived workplace fun (WF) on hospitality employees’ behaviors in and out of work. Multirater data were collected via surveys from 247 hospitality employees and their direct supervisors and spouses. Data were analyzed using the AMOS and Macro processes in SPSS. The results revealed that employees’ positive affect at work mediates […]

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